$25 per canoe for 2 hours
$25 per kayak for 2 hours
$35 per tandem kayak for 2 hours
And we require a Driver's License to go out with each rental.

NOTE: The Canoe Club is NOT responsible for lost or damaged personal property dropped in river or left at Canoe Club.

Email us at for group rates.

Discounts for large groups or parties during Weekdays!
A large group consists of at least 6 canoes, with 15 people or more.
Call Ralph for more Details at 908-482-2400

-No children under the age of 6 in the canoes
-No children under the age of 3 in the kayaks
-No standing in the canoes or getting out while on the water
-No fooling around in the canoe
-Must wear a life vest at all times
-Must wear a shirt under life vest
-Must have an adult with a minor out on the water
-Must act responsible so the canoe doesn't tip over